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what is PlasmaWave & true HEPA filtration?
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Ausclimate's range of WINIX Home Air Purifiers are the ideal
solution for clean & healthy indoor air quality. Easy to use,
"set & forget" features with the most advanced filtration systems
& PlasmaWave technology - our range is available now.

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WINIX air-purifiers, your solution for:

Mould spores
Dust mites
Hay fever

Dust / pollens
Odours / smoke
Viruses / bacteria
Pet dander

air purifiers
air purifiers
air purifiers
air purifiers
air purifiers
air purifiers
air purifiers
air purifiers
4 & 5-stage
Effectively removes a broad
range of odours, allergens & other
airborne pollutants including: dust,
smoke, pollen, pet dander, mould,
bacteria, viruses & VOCs.
WINIX 5-stage air purification
true HEPA filtration
Captures 99.97% of airborne pollutants, pet dander and allergens as small as 0.3 microns
Attacks pollutants
at a molecular level to neutralize viruses, bacteria, chemical vapours & harmful gases without producing harmful ozone
Advanced Odour
Control (AOC)
formulated to capture
offensive odours such as
pets, smoke, cooking &
other household odours
(Ultimate Air-Purifiers include
Nano Silver Anti-microbial Shield
to neutralize germs & viruses)
Automatically adjusts settings to suit changing indoor environment
anti-bacterial pre-filter extends life of HEPA
Filter by capturing larger airborne particles
remote control
Control the operation of your purifier from across
the room
Association of Home
Appliance Manufacturers
certified recommended room
sizes, as well as the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) suited to effectively reduce pollutants
such as smoke, pollen & dust
H13 certified
True HEPA Filter
certification confirming H13 level purification removing 99.97% of airborne pollutants, allergens,
viruses & bacteria as
small as 0.3 microns
WINIX 5-stage air purification
not all air-purifiers are created equal
Ausclimate's WINIX range gives you the unique combination of superior "PlasmaWave" air-purification, certified H13
True HEPA filtration and air quality sensors with the option of the Nano-Silver Mesh antimicrobial shield. The world-renowned
brand that is WINIX; over 40 years of air-cleaning experience, teamed up with a reliable Australian warranty & the unbeatable ongoing after sales service of Ausclimate. Your long-term solution for a cleaner, healthier indoor climate.
WINIX 4-stage air purifier
WINIX 4-stage air-purifier $645.00 rrp
special sale price: $519 w/ free delivery
This ultra quiet model is easy to operate with auto 'set & forget' settings,
sleep mode & replacement-filter indicator, suited to effective cleaning
within bedrooms & lounge rooms
Model no: AUS-5500 - (filters included - approx. 1 yr continuous use)
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replacement filter value pack special
WINIX 5-stage air purifier
WINIX ULTIMATE 5-stage air-purifier $795.00 rrp
special sale price: $595 w/ free delivery
This advanced model includes Nano-Silver Mesh microbial protection,
auto 'set & forget' settings, 'smart' dust & odour sensors, replacement filter
indicator, suited to effective cleaning within bedrooms & lounge-rooms
Model no: AUS-9500 - (filters included - approx. 1 yr continuous use)
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replacement filter cartridge value pack special
replacement filters:
4-stage filter pack
WINIX 4-stage filter value-pack $140.00 rrp
special sale price: $124 w/ free delivery
AUS-5500 combination of True HEPA filter rated H13
& Carbon Filter 4-pack (Natural Activated with AOC)
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individual 4-stage replacement filters also available
- please contact us directly to order
5-stage filter pack filter
WINIX 5-stage filter cartridge value-pack $160.00 rrp
special sale price: $140 w/ free delivery
AUS-9500 Cartridge combo of Pre-filter, True HEPA filter
rated H13, Washable Carbon Filter (Natural Activated with
AOC) & Nano Silver Mesh Shield (attached to Carbon Filter)
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WINIX air-purifier customer testimonials
"This product has exceeded our expectations from the moment we plugged it in and
turned it on! BEST air cleaner we have ever had! Worth every cent and then some.
This machine knows before we do that something needs to be cleaned out of the air
and goes automatically into overdrive until the smell is gone — unbelievable!"—
- KickinNM of New Mexico
air purifiers
"We use it in our bedroom where dust has been a problem. Now there is no dust.
Would highly recommend it. The sleep mode is great!" - Stutz of Philadelphia, PA
air purifiers
"This purifier does a fantastic job of cleaning the air. You can actually smell the the fresh
air in the room and this is in a large 600 sq ft master bedroom. I have asthma and usually
wake up during the night coughing, but not with this machine running. I do keep a very
clean house, so this unit never goes into the high setting. I keep the unit on auto mode
and let it decide what to do. Also, I find this unit very quiet and the muted amber lights
on the front do not bother me one iota." - Sarge101abn of Folsom, California
air purifiers
"Pros: quiet | Cons: none
This is my second purchase of this unit. Quiet and works great! Air is sweet and clean.
Every time my wife cooks Bacon the unit senses the smell and goes to high speed
and clears the air." - CanyonCreek of Montana
air purifiers
"I purchased the model 5500 about a year ago and it has been running ever since.
It has cleaned the air in my living room, dinning area and kitchen so well I have not
needed to dust the furniture in over 6 months." - swdude of Mesa, Arizona
air purifiers
"Works Great | Pros: small, quiet
We have 4 dogs and the dog smell is gone. Don't notice when it is running unless
it goes up to high." - RubyRae of Bellingham, WA
air purifiers
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trial period, warranty & returns

Ausclimate's approach is 100% customer satisfaction. We want you to enjoy many years of benefits from your product, so we provide a full 2-year domestic warranty & 3 month commercial warranty. We offer our domestic customers a trial period of 7 days from date of delivery. If you are not satisfied, just contact us for return and refund – this is evidence of our faith in our range of products.

Important note: we charge no restocking fees, however for health & hygiene purposes we pass on 50% discounted filter price fee to the customer to fully replace any opened or used filters.

Ausclimate provides warranty against defects and workmanship from the date of purchase by the original purchaser. The product or any part found to be defective will be remedied at Ausclimate's option through our authorised service agents and importantly at our expense. This warranty is void in cases where the product has been abused, mishandled, tampered, used under wrong voltage and/or repaired/ serviced by unauthorised parties.

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*Delivery within 1-3 business days in most major Australian cities &
regional areas
. Free Delivery applicable to mainland Australia/Tasmania

All Ausclimate models undergo stringent, comprehensive legislative
and regulatory testing by independent government accredited bodies
to ensure our products meet the highest Australian industry safety
standards possible, giving you absolute confidence in your purchase.
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