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Protect Your Health from Bushfire Smoke

Australian Bushfire

We've all seen how destructive Australian bushfires can be, causing damage to the land and infrastructure and sadly resulting in tragic loss of life. The smoke produced during these wildfires is a significant threat to human health, even at low levels of exposure. It contains harmful substances like large particles and toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxides, leading to respiratory and other health issues.

To protect their health and minimise the impact of bushfire smoke indoors, individuals and families can use Winix Air Purifiers. These air purifiers filter out airborne pollutants, such as smoke particles and gases, and create a safer and healthier home environment. With advanced HEPA filtering paired with Winix PlasmaWave® technology, these air purifiers filter the air, removing harmful PM2.5 particulate matter and odours accompanying bushfire pollution.

When choosing an air purifier, it's important to consider that not all HEPA filters are created equal. Some air purifiers may not effectively remove airborne pollutants as needed, yet they may be sold as having 'HEPA-like' filters. The HEPA filter in your air purifier must be a 'True' HEPA filter as defined by Australian standards. These filters are known as 'medical grade' or 'hospital-grade' filters, with a minimum filtration efficiency of 99.97% removal of tiny particles that are 0.3 microns in size.

Room size influences your chosen air purifier model, so refer to the website for help selecting the right one for your home. The Air Quality Smart Sensors in the Winix Air Purifiers indicate the current air quality in your room. Our newest addition to the range, the Winix Zero+ 360 5-Stage Air Purifier, incorporates a PM2.5 reader, perfect for understanding how the smoke pollution from a bushfire impacts the air quality in your home.

Our Winix team understands the importance of ensuring clean and healthy indoor air for you and your loved ones, especially in the face of the ongoing challenges of bushfire smoke.

To learn more about the Winix Air Purifier range, visit our website, or get in touch by phone at 1800 122 100.

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