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Dehumidifier Benefits

Ausclimate’s award winning range of dehumidifiers will improve the comfort levels withing your home, protect your property & most importantly, reduce your exposure to serious health risks.

Designed specifically for the Australian climate you can rest assured knowing an Ausclimate dehumidifier will extract moisture from the air in your home, ensuring healthy air for your family.

An Ausclimate Dehumidifier will...

Stop mould & mildew: Mould not only damages your home & contents, but also produces allergens causing serious threats to your family’s health - mould thrives at levels above 60% humidity

Stop condensation: Reducing the overall moisture levels within your home can stop or at least minimise condensation & water damage

Reduce musty smells: Lack of air circulation & the presence of moisture, mould or mildew create unpleasant musty odours

Reduce health risks: Mould spores & dust mites are common triggers for allergies, asthma & other respiratory symptoms, thriving in moist conditions

Protect valuables & furnishings: Excess moisture can damage your home contents - clothing, footwear, bedding, electronics, artworks, collectables & furniture

Reduce pests: Cockroaches, ants & other insects breed rapidly & thrive in high humidity. Cockroach droppings are also potent allergens

Assist with dampness & water spills: Save your home from moisture damage to carpet, walls, window sills & ceilings - a dehumidifier is a vital drying tool in the water damage restoration industry

Dry clothes: Avoid condensation, shrinkage & sun damage - the ideal all round clothes dryer

Ausclimate Dehumidifiers are endorsed by

Sensitive Choice Approved

Our Ausclimate range of dehumidifiers are approved by The National Asthma Council Australia, Sensitive Choice Programme.

Choice Recommended

CHOICE experts officially recommend our Supreme All-Seasons 50L Dehumidifier.

#1 Dehumidifier Brand

Ranked number 1 dehumidifier brand through Australia's top product review platform.