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The Winix range of award-winning air purifiers are your solution to clean, healthy indoor air quality. With advanced HEPA filtering paired with Winix PlasmaWave® technology a Winix air purifier will filter your air from viruses, bacteria, allergens, fine dust & pollen as well as purifying pet dander, cigarette smoke, mould spores, VOCs and other household odours.


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Compact 4-stage Air PurifierCompact 4-stage Air Purifier
Sale price$299.99
ZERO 4-stage Air PurifierZERO 4-stage Air Purifier
Sale price$399.99
ZERO+ PRO 5-stage Air PurifierZERO+ PRO 5-stage Air Purifier
Sale price$499.99
ZERO+ 360 5-Stage Smart Air Purifier with PET FilterZERO+ 360 5-Stage Smart Air Purifier with PET Filter

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Ausclimate Air Purifier Cleaning Guide

One of the most important points in keeping your WINIX Air Purifier running at is best is maintenance cleaning & regular filter replacement. We often get asked about this in person, so we th...