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Product Review 2023 Ausclimate Dehumidifier Award Wins

Ausclimate Dehumidifiers

We are extremely pleased to announce to you that our Ausclimate Dehumidifiers have once again all won the dehumidifier categories for the 2023 Awards! That's now 2 & 3 years of Award Wins in a row for our Compressor & Cool-Seasons Desiccant dehumidifiers and in addition to our CHOICE Recommendations. Truly an honour for us on Australia’s leading independent consumer-based product review platform. 2022-2023 Awards WINNER for Compressor Dehumidifiers:
Ausclimate Compressor Dehumidifier Range 2021-2023 Awards WINNER for Desiccant Dehumidifiers:
Ausclimate Cool-Seasons Desiccant Dehumidifier Range

Once more, we'd like to thank the great team at and again a MASSIVE thank you to all of you who have left us such wonderful reviews throughout the years! Just means the world to us that our dehumidifiers continue to make a difference for our loyal customers.

Ausclimate are so very proud to bring you "Australia's most recommended dehumidifiers".


You can find out all about our award-winning Ausclimate Dehumidifiers today and please get in touch if you have any questions at all.


Winix: Australia's Most Recommended Air Purifiers

For a long time, we’ve personally felt that our range of Winix Air Purifiers are Australia’s best. Since we decided to partner with Winix in 2015 to bring their world-renowned air purifiers to Australians, our growing Australian family business has certainly come a long way.

7+ years later, it’s just amazing to see this sentiment now echoed by various prestigious Australian consumer advocacy groups, health and medical field professionals, product awards and most importantly, ‘you’; our loyal customers across multiple independent consumer review platforms.

Our Winix air purifier range are also winners of numerous internationally-recognised Air Purifier Design Awards.

We are of course very proud of these Australian accolades and following some research, we don’t feel that it’s a stretch to say that this combination makes Winix unanimously “Australia’s most recommended air purifiers”. A huge thank you to everyone out there who has helped us to get to this point. But most of all, it is just great to know that our Winix air purifiers are really helping people.

You can find out all about our Winix Australian air purifier range here

We are extremely pleased to announce to you that our Winix Zero range of Air Purifiers, our Ausclimate Cool-Seasons Premium 10L Dehumidifiers and our Ausclimate-NWT Medium 20L Dehumidifiers have all won their respective categories for the 2022 Awards! Of course, that is in addition to our previous Air Purifier and Dehumidifier Awards and recent CHOICE Recommendations. This is just a fantastic accomplishment for us on Australia’s leading independent consumer-based product review platform. 2022 Awards WINNER for Air Purifiers:
Winix Zero Air Purifier Range (Winix Zero 4 Stage & Winix Zero+ PRO 5 Stage) 2022 Awards WINNER for Dehumidifiers:
Ausclimate-NWT Medium 20L Dehumidifier 2021/2022 Awards WINNER for Dehumidifiers:
Ausclimate Cool-Seasons Premium 10L Desiccant Dehumidifier

Once again, we'd like to thank the great team at and a HUGE thank you to everyone who have left us such wonderful reviews. We certainly appreciate it just so much!

Again, always just wonderful to see our products making a big difference for our customers. Ausclimate are very proud to bring you "Australia's best recommended air purifiers and dehumidifiers".


If you haven't already, please find out all about our award-winning Winix Australian Air Purifiers, our Ausclimate-NWT Medium 20L Dehumidifier and our Ausclimate Cool-Seasons Premium 10L Desiccant Dehumidifier today and please get in touch if you have any questions at all.


Hi there folks, a little while back we found out about these handy (and impressively detailed) video reviews of our award-winning, CHOICE recommended Winix Zero 4 stage and Winix Zero+ PRO 5 stage air purifiers from Youtube product review expert, Mr.YouWho. We were very happy with the results. Give them a watch!

Thanks Mr. YouWho, love your signature-style! Great to see yet another recommendation of what's fast become Australia's most recommended air purifiers!!

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

CHOICE Recommended Winix Air Purifiers Announcement2020-CHOICE-Air-Purifier-Review-on-Sky-Background

Today we are extremely proud to announce that Ausclimate's 'Zero' range of Winix Air Purifiers are officially CHOICE Recommended. In fact, CHOICE experts have awarded our popular Winix Zero+ PRO 5 Stage Air Purifier Overall Best Performer 2020! Our Winix Zero 4 Stage Air Purifier was also impressive, gaining top three spots in the latest test.

Of course, we are just so proud of this accomplishment as we know for ourselves how much of a difference these machines can make for people. Hopefully with this recommendation by the CHOICE experts, they can make a difference for even more Australians.

This CHOICE Recommendation joins our recent, leading consumer-review based 'Product Review' 2019/2020 Air Purifier of the Year Award, making Winix very proud to be Australia's top-reviewed air purifiers!

You can find out all about the benefits of our Winix Zero air purifier range here
As always, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions at all.


Ausclimate In Your Own Words: Asthma


As part of our ongoing airpurifier and dehumidifier customer review "in your own words" spotlight, we felt it was time to look at the topic of asthma. We often get feedback that our air purifiers and dehumidifiers are a big-time source of relief for many people suffering from asthma and respiratory issues, so we thought that we'd share one of these great stories with you today.

"Works magic! My son has bad asthma. This product has been the best thing, I can tell when its off in his room as he is coughing, Turn it back on in 5 mins he stops. Since owning this product his asthma is now under control. I couldnt live with out it. I would say to anyone that has asthma or breathing problems please go out and buy a winix ultimate 5. They can change the way you live"

~flower Purchased Winix Ultimate 5 Stage (AUS-9500) in June 2017.

Thanks for the kind words, just lovely to hear! Yes, our Ultimate 5 Stage has proven to be a favourite with asthma suffers for a number of years now and our newest Zero range air purifiers continue to do a great job for this purpose.


Define Your Asthma Checklist
Severe asthma may affect only 3 to 10 per cent of Australians with asthma, but it can have a big impact on peoples' health, careers, families and daily lives.

Our good friends at the National Asthma Council have brought to our attention a great new online checklist which helps you define your asthma and spot the signs you should talk to your doctor. Check it out!

Complete the checklist


Ausclimate In Your Own Words: Hay Fever


We often get stellar reviews from our customers for our airpurifiers and dehumidifiers on so we thought it time that we spotlight some of this life-changing feedback for you. With the allergy season truly kicking in over the last few weeks, we felt this one might be especially relevant.

"Changed my life! I developed allergies last year and have been struggling, lots of painkillers and antihistamines. I'm allergic to dust and animals. I ordered this in the afternoon and it came the next day - I live in semi-rural NSW so this is impressive. I can't overstate what a difference this unit has made. I have not had to take anti-histamines since I bought it and as I have my dust allergy under control I am able to ride horses again and only have a mild and perfectly manageable reaction. It's also whisper quiet. Thank you so much AusClimate"

~Scout48 of Bellingen, New South Wales. Purchased Winix Zero 4 Stage Air Purifier (AUS-1050AZBU) in April 2019.

Thanks Scout! It's wonderful to hear of how much of a game-changer our air purifier has been for your allergies. Feedback like this is why we do what we do. A reminder to all of our air purifier owners out there to keep those units running all the time during this part of the year!


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